ELEVA is a 9-week comprehensive program designed for Hispanic business owners with some entrepreneurial experience (2-4 yrs. operating) but in need of support to grow their business, helping them structure and organize their business. Our program provides a tailored approach to help you gain the necessary skills and resources to succeed. With ELEVA, you can take advantage of the expert guidance, resources and support you need to reach your business goals.

What does this program provide?

ELEVA is a $2,000 valued program, provided at no cost to Hispanic business owners in Georgia. This program provides:


9-week business education training that will cover essential business management practices including:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Financial Health
  • Opportunity Management
  • Capacity to Deliver
  • RIndividual and group business consultations
  • RPromotion and exposure of their business on GHCC social media channels and website
  • RNetworking and community-building opportunities

What are the requirements to participate?

Be a Hispanic / Latino(a) – owned for-profit business

Be located/operated in the state of Georgia
Operating business for 2-4 years
Annual revenue of $150K – $300K
Must commit to attending the in-person bootcamp and weekly virtual sessions

What will you learn in this program?

Do you find yourself strictly immersed working IN your business and not ON your business? This program will help reignite the passion and joy you once felt in starting your business by developing a value-driven blueprint so that you can achieve accelerated future growth fortified with both an inspired entrepreneurial mindset and the essential business acumen needed to soar!

Course Information

Module 1

In this introductory module you will profile your top challenges and opportunities that prevent you from working ON and not just IN your business using the 1 x 4 IQ/EQ framework to bring you clarity of purpose with a new way to look and lead your business with confidence and reignited passion.

Module 2

Four integrated plenary workshops will underscore the essential elements of balanced business success (strategic intent, financial health, optimized opportunity, and leveraged capacity) enabling you to discover the key challenges and opportunities specific to your business and enabling you to define an accelerated pathway to your future readiness, profitability, and growth.  

Module 3

In this course, you will be supported with expert individualized and group-oriented expert consulting and coaching enabling you to discover “what I now know that I should know” to take your business to the next level.   

Module 4

In this module you will finalize and present the 9 components of your refined business canvas model to be presented to the cohort group showcasing your refined business model and cementing for you and your clients your specific business value propositions.

Module 5

The course will culminate with your delivery of your 90 Day Success Blueprint presentation highlighting the “One Thing(s)” critical to act on in the next 90 days with a reenergized mindset contributing to an enhanced life:work balance impacting not only you but your employees, as well as, cementing your short and long-term business strategic direction and intent.